Wednesday, September 4, 2019

What did you do today? A blog on getting your child to open up about their day.

Have you ever asked your child, “What did you do in school today?” and received the answer, “Nothing,” or “Ate snack?”  If you have, you must be wondering why you are paying hundreds of dollars every month in tuition for “nothing.” Well rest assured, your child is not doing “nothing”.  There are many reasons why your child may answer you in such a manner:

  • She may not remember what she did
  • She does not have the language to describe that she did the "knobless cylinders" or another work
  • She did so many things, she cannot seem to pick one to describe
  • She may not want to talk about it at the moment

To have a more meaningful conversation about your child’s day, first be sure to tell your child how much she was missed.  Try sharing what happened in your day while she was at school. Do not ask immediately when you pick her up. Later, when she is more relaxed, you might try to ask her if she worked by herself or if she worked with someone.   You might ask her about some of the songs that the class sang at line time. Ask her to tell you about one work she pulled off the shelf today (keep in mind, they may not fully understand today, yesterday and tomorrow yet). 

Another effective way to receive answers to these questions is to observe your child at home.  Ask yourself simple questions while you observe your child at play. “What songs is she singing,” “Is she counting?” and “How does she interact with other children.” Questions like these and many more will unlock the “secret” to your child’s day at school.

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